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Easy to deploy

VivumLab, has a small learning curve, making more possible without the need to learn deploying technologies.

Open Source

VivumLab is completely open source; no hidden surprises, and the code is available for review and contribution

Free; Freedom

Free as in price, and in freedom. VivumLab is all about getting back your own data. Get started now, and be free

Easy GUI, Great Features, and Customizable

Security and Deployability in one great package. Ready for you, right now

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Our Services

File sharing, and Communication

Sync, share, and discuss using software that you can trust.


From monitoring, to serving your own content. Spend more time on the things that matter.

Identity and Authentication

Host a password manager, or authenticate your own services. Protect yourself.


Hosting digital media, made easy. Enjoy your media libraries, without the struggle


Automate 3D Printers or Houses; check out the automation projects we support.

Blogging and Social

Got something to say? The fediverse is only a few clicks away

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Location: Worldwide
Support: Check the documentation, or Contact us