Tor is much more than privacy. Running a tor instance can fix some issues for you. Some such issues include:

  • you don't have a domain
  • issues with your DNS
  • ports aren't mapped correctly somewhere in your network, and you can't access your services remotely

For more information on Tor, you can have a look here

Install Tor#

Download Tor from the Tor Project website, and follow their instructions.

Web Access#

Every service has the Tor URL, in its own documentation. VivumLab should deply your own copy of the software documentation. Try accessing them at 'docs.yourdomain'.

SSH Access#

SSH access via Tor is absolutely possible with Torify, and is typically bundled with the a 'Tor' installation, To verify that you have 'Torify', and can connect to Tor with Torify, run torify curl

Once that is verified, SSH (the normal way) into your server and append the following lines to your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host *.onion
ProxyCommand /usr/bin/nc -xlocalhost:9150 -X5 %h %p

Once that is done, you can ssh to your server with torify ssh <your_ssh_user>@<your_tor_ssh_domain>