VivumLab can utilise Terraform to spin up cloud servers for you using other infrastructure (eg. Digital Ocean) if you don't have any physical hardware for your own use.

Obviously whichever provider you choose will have certain requirements and their own pricing scheme; be aware of this.

!!! Note: VivumLab is not an option to get free hosting from commercial providers, VivumLab just helps you deploy to their services.

!!! Note: Providing troubleshooting for any providers, commercial or not, is beyond the scope of VivumLab. Please contact the provider for any issues regarding their services.

Digital Ocean#

  1. Create a Digital Ocean account and login
  2. click API on the left menu, and generate a new access token; name it Terraform and save it
  3. run vlab config decrypt --dev, to ensure your settings/decrypted.yml is readable
  4. Copy the token into your settings/decrypted.yml file under do_access_token:. E.g:
  1. set the datacenter region under do_region Datacenter Regions
  2. run vlab config encrypt --dev, to ensure your settings/encrypted.yml is encrypted

If you are already a Digital Ocean user, you may receive an error about a pre-existing SSH key. (422 SSH Key is already in use on your account). To correct this:

  1. Run ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f <location of ssh keys> on your server, and note the commands output.
  2. Login to Digital Ocean and go to the Security page
  3. Locate the key that matches the output from the aforementioned command
  4. Delete the SSH key NOTE: default location of ssh keys is: $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Terraform will re-add it when you run vlab terraform create and will be able to manage it correctly.

Running Terraform#

Run vlab terraform create

Destroying Terraform Resources#

Run vlab terraform destroy to destroy any resources Terraform created.