Introduction to VivumLab#

The Who and What of VivumLab#

We are a group of open source developers, tech savvy volunteers, and some former (occasionally still 'active') contributors of HomeLabOS; the project that VivumLab has been forked from. We are looking to provide an easy way for home users and IT technicians alike to deploy their favourite services on their own private infrastructure.

We are currently in the development stage, focusing on the core services that will power VivumLab, now and in the future.

What does VivumLab actually do?#

VivumLab deploys web services to a server. Deployment is managed by Ansible and the services are managed by Docker. To learn more, read our Installation documentation.

What kind of help is VivumLab looking for?#

Make sure to check out the Required Jobs page, or you check out our Zulip chat.

A message from VivumLab#

VivumLab wants to make deploying your own services as easy as possible; automating too much can cause more problems than is necessary. For that reason, we also want to encourage you to learn a bit about deploying your services, about responsible hosting, about strengthening communities, about taking back your own data, and making your own choices about where and how your data is used.

A good place to start this, is to check out our documentation. Many hours of work have been put into this, and only for the benefit of others; including yourself. We understand that documentation tends to be daunting to some, so we've made sure that the documentation is relevant, and set out in an easy to undestand way.

We also want you to become a part of this community and to help make VivumLab better; and not just a better piece of software, but a better place for everyone. Make sure to visit our Zulip chat, and say Hi to the community.

This is an exciting time for us. We are glad you're here, and hope to see you around the interwebs.

Thank you for trying VivumLab!

Want to know more?#

Get to know how you can contact us here

Interested in contributing to this project? You can view our contribution guidelines here

Or view our Code of Conduct here